Eternity story

"An endless and endearing story"
City of Sydney
"A story for the ages, beautifully told"
Royal Australian Historical Society
"A must see to understand the cultural fabric of our city"
Eternity Playhouse Theatre

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Meet the Cast

Written in Chalk has a great cast that represents a diverse cross-section of people, vocations, professions and experiences.

Each cast member represents a different aspect of the Eternity story, and includes:

Ignatius Jones

Millennium Fireworks

Sulari Gentil

Crime Fiction Writer

Ric Birch

2000 Sydney Olympics

Amylia Harris

Eternity Playhouse Theatre

Eddie Mcguire

Millenium TV Host
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News and Media

10 November 2022
ABC Drive with Richard Glover

ABC Drive discuss Written in Chalk : the echo of Arthur Stace, and Stace's enduring ETERNITY legacy.

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9 November 2022

Richard and Roy speak on Studio10 about Written in Chalk and the Open-Air Screenings coming up this weekend.

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8 November 2022

Richard speaks with Deborah Knight about WWI veteran, Arthur Stace's Eternity legacy.

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