Church Resources

We want your screening of Written in Chalk: the echo of Arthur Stace to be a success.

Below is an extensive range of free resources to help you to successfully promote and host a screening. These include how-to guides, to-do lists, suggested ways to host a screening and follow up with viewers, and loads of promotional templates.

Access the resources that are relevant to you.


Church Resource Kit

Designed for church groups who would like to screen the film in local cinemas, for outreach and in small group settings.

Includes a suggested sermon and small group discussion series.

Click on the Church Resource Kit to download.

Echoes of Eternity sermon by Rev John Ridley

The Church Resource Kit refers to the Echoes of Eternity sermon by Rev John Ridley.

Access the Echoes of Eternity sermon and transcript by clicking here.


Promotional Content (social media ads, posters, video clips, etc)

Free templates and posters to host a successful screening.

Click here to access the promotional template and tools for Written in Chalk.



Click here to access and download the promotional templates and tools for Written in Chalk.

Written in Chalk


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