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  • How did you respond when Eternity appeared on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the year 2000?
  • Were you at the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games?
  • Do you run an Eternity themed business or organisation?
  • Are you someone who saw Mr Eternity, Arthur Stace, writing the famous word on Sydney's streets?
  • Did you meet Mr Eternity in person?
  • Does the word Eternity hold a special significance to you?


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15 comments on “Eternity Stories”

  1. Of course the reason for copper plate's flowery style is because when writing with a quill and pen, the writer must always start with a downward stroke - it's the only way to get the ink to flow from the nib of the quill. That's why a true version of Enternity has that little loop at the top of the E.

    I'm so looking forward to this documentary! I heard once that there may even be an original chalk Enternity from Arthur in the bell tower of Sydney's GPO clock tower - written inside one of the bells!

  2. I boarded in Tamworth NSW at the home of Edith Summergreene in 1964, a truly dynamic, inspirational Christian lady, along with her recently converted husband Vince, their four children and about 8 other boarders. A hugely helpful experience for me as a fairly recently converted Christian. Only this week after reading Roy Williams’ book “Mr Eternity” did I find out that she had been a very close friend of Arthur and Pearl Stace since 1940. Her account af being with Arthur the day before he died in 1967 is particularly moving.

  3. Well, I am a person who is facing an operation, a Bowel Resection for advanced Cancer so I could well be facing "Eternity". I am in my early eighties and worked in the centre of Sydney for 12 months after doing the Leaving Certificate while waiting to commence my Nursing training. I saw Arthur Stace's 'Eternity written everywhere on the pavement, in doorways, new ones every day it seemed. It was a mystery to everyone how it got there but I think by 1957 we did know who wrote it but no oe ever saw him? I found it resonated with me then as a young Christian as something that needed to be brought to people's attention. We get so tied up with living this life, and put so much time and effort into it, we can forget that this life is fleeting and our true home is in Eternity, with Christ forever. As I get older I find myself talking more and more about Heaven. It's a wonderful place filled with glory and grace, no more grief or sorrow ,where Jesus reigns in peace and justice, where true Love and Hope and Life abound because that is who God is. It was often said you could be too heavenly minded to be of any earthly use", but I believe if you are not " heavenly minded you are of no earthly use". I was interested too, to hear that it was John Ridley who God used to inspire Arthur to write his message of Eternity. John Ridley had a great influence on many people, not just Baptists, and when my Mum in her thirties came to know the Lord as Saviour, it was Rev John Ridley's Bible studies she attended that built her faith and she talked of him often. Now I find facing this surgery next week which is risky and dangerous, I have such a peace in my heart which I can't describe, because I know I am in the Lord's Hands and I am looking forward very much to that day when I see Him face to face in Eternity, the place He has prepared for all those who put their trust in Him.

  4. Hello and how are you,I do hope hope who ever reads this will no doubt be blessed and encouraged as much as I have been.I first heard about Mr Eternity through a friend in Dunellon Florida he said when he came to Australia he heard about him i told him the only thing I knew was the writing on the Harbour Bridge on new year’s with that I did a bit of digging around and my curiosity grew I went to the eternity café in Town Hall then a few year’s after I had the opportunity to meet up with Elizabeth Meyers at Koorong book store in Penrith to sign the Autobiography Mr Eternity who’s father Ran the Burton Street Baptis Tabernacle Church and had Arthur live with him for some time also in August 2022 I visited his grave site where he is Buried with his wife my goodness I said I was moved to tears for I finally found the man who in a small way mad a very big impact and marvel at what good God can do with a person it goes to show that it doesn’t matter how educated or un educated you are God wants to use you and see eternity written in your heart ❤️and to share eternity with everyone Thank you Mr Stace Thank you Jesus John 10:10 PS:I so can’t wait to see the documentary

  5. My Eternity Story

    On February 14, 1953 I attended a Crusade in a tent, at Prince Alfred Park. I declined to answer the appeal, but on the way to Central Railway Station I passed Toohey's Brewery. On the doorstep was the word "Eternity" which started me thinking. A week later, February 21, 1953, evangelist Ivor Powell presented an invitation at the Christian Endeavour Mission Rally, in the Rockdale Town Hall, to personally know Jesus Christ as my Saviour and be assured of Eternity. This was the beginning that grew from the planting of the seed word "Eternity." Missionary work in Indonesia and the formation of Australia's first Religious Media agency followed, over the next 15 years.

  6. My Eternity Story

    intrigued by graffiti and the life it’s given beyond the individual has always fascinated me . Finding out eternity was what we call the first “writer” (graffiti artist) I was instantly fascinated with his story . Artists such as will coles have added eternity to some of their pieces (coke can outside dominos on enmore road) I continue to keep an eye out even looking behind old constructions just in case some how some way one might be preserved

  7. My Eternity Story

    I must have been about 16 or so when I was walking along a Sydney CBD street when I saw an old man writing on the footpath with chalk. I stood and stared at him as the word Eternity appeared in white chalk. When he finished he stood & looked at me. He didn't say a word. I didn't know what to say so I just glanced at his Eternity in front of us and I walked on. I just thought, "What a weirdo." Now, in retrospect I am blown away that I actually saw Arthur Stace write Eternity in front of me.

  8. My Eternity Story

    Arthur Stace was inspired to write the word after listening to such an injunction from the Rev John Ridley. My father was Rev Ridley's driver for his Victorian preaching missions.

  9. This is more about my Mother's story than my own - Arthur was my Mum's Uncle.

    Her authenticity can be confirmed with both Roy Williams and Elizabeth Meyers who you have interviewed for your film. There is much more to his story than has already been told. There are fabrications, and it is also completely false that Arthur had no connection to any of his family.

    It is sad and a great loss to the Australian historical records that her story - one of 1st hand knowledge is not being utilised. She is 80 years old, completely fit and with it as has so much knowledge not only about Arthur Stace, but of Surry Hills and Sydney as this is where she was born and still lives today.

    Mum told us about Uncle Arthur our whole lives. Well before Remo used the word & made it a logo. We were proud of being linked to him. It was shocking and surprising and wonderful but a little sad at the same time in 2000 when it became the symbol of Sydney - as we felt our story had been taken from our family without anyone ever really doing proper research, rather clinging to the fabricated story that sounds much more sensational than it really is. At the time, there were many more family members still alive to provide information other than my Mum, but sadly quite a few Aunts and Uncles have passed.

    The record really does need to be corrected, sooner than later.

    Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more, in particular if you would like to speak with my Mum.


  10. We were in Scotland, staying in a little town called Ellen,north of Aberdeen, watching T.V., on New a Years eve at the turn of the century.
    Having grown up in Sydney in the 50's. we were thrilled to see the fireworks display in the Harbour, and the word Eternity shining out from the Bridge.
    Wow, a message of faith and hope,for the whole world to remind us what lies ahead! A challenge,but also message of joy,for those who have accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord of their lives.

    Remember vividly the number of times I saw the beautiful copperplate writing of the Word Eternity ,written in white chalk,on the pavements of the city of Sydney....countless times.

    Of recent times have followed video, film, articles, books and music, which all provide amazing insight into the miracle of Arthur Stace's life...what a testimony of God's power and Grace ,through Christ.    Once more thrilled that a film for general exhibition will be made..sure it will be uplifting and be used to bring many to faith!
    Definitely will uphold this project in prayer before the Lord.

  11. My Eternity Story

    I live on the South Coast and come to Sydney during the week to teach at JMC Academy in design. We lived in Erko 91-2014 so I stay there at an Airbnb during Trimester. I was by chance walking through the commemorative green bans park on Erko Road and there on the path was the ghost of Stace, but not Eternity in the signature, but ‘Conformity’ in fading chalk (see Insta post @abarnumart). A timely reminder of Stace’s graphology that first touched me in the 1970s as a young graphic designer when I had seen his elegant Eternity script freshly drawn in Sydney when I’d walk to work from Wynyard to Kent Street and my colleague Tony Lunn (Lynn Dyer) revealed the mysticism of the implied message. It was passed through the graphic community as a transcendant aphorism by Martin Sharpe, and eventually by Remo. So seeing Confirmity was a tribute reminder of Stace’s personal spiritual pathology, and despite the current pandemic, climate peril, and corrupt conservative govts, a bespoke personal message still rings true down the years. There is someone speaking their honest personal epiphany of a spiritual awakening worth sharing in our Uniquely Sydney folklore. Arthur was called to write his own understanding of immortality, against the norms of ‘standardised’ religious piety. His ‘small proud voice’ can be heard in my own crusade as a singer-songwriter on my song ‘Little Phoenix’ from my 2018 album release: The lyric reads: ‘Don’t try to stop me I’m a small proud voice, I’m a little Phoenix, and I will rise and rise again.’ Vale Arthur Stace - our very own determined mystic whose voice is written on our streets and in our hearts. All the best with your film! Cheers AndyB

  12. My Eternity Story

    My parents revered Arthur Stace. The story of his changed life loomed large in my childhood. The fact that the handwriting was perfect copperplate was evidence that a miracle was involved.

    I watched the 2000 fireworks from the other side of the bridge, so 'Eternity' was written backwards. Did this matter? I thought of Henry Vaughan's poem - eternity as a ring - and decided not.

    Henry Vaughan:

    “I saw Eternity the other night,
    Like a great ring of pure and endless light,
    All calm, as it was bright;
    And round beneath it, Time in hours, days, years,
    Driv'n by the spheres
    Like a vast shadow mov'd; in which the world
    And all her train were hurl'd.”

    I used HV's first line to begin my own reflection on the word:

    Sydney Harbour 2000
    for Arthur Stace

    I saw 'Eternity' the other night
    illuminated left to right
    across the Harbour: Word of Light.
    A sign in darkness proving sight
    and comprehension of the night.
    A script in time, a trace in air
    of what IS. Always. Everywhere.

    Kate O'Neil

  13. My Eternity Story

    For a number of years I worked in downtown Sydney. I often saw the word Eternity written on the
    sidewalks in beautiful script writing. It was never printed always written.
    Like every one else in Sydney I did not know who wrote it or why. It was just there for people to read. It was only later that i read about the man who for 25 years had written the word Eternity for all to see and contemplate about it.


  14. My Eternity Story

    Myself and a group of friends were inspired in October last year to continue the legacy of Mr Eternity and have been writing Eternity on the streets in Sydney, Wollongong and other places and seeing more people's lives be impacted by this message.

  15. My Eternity Story

    I once found the word eternity, written in chalk, in the signature form, on an Adelaide CBD pavement. At the time (circa 1988) I knew nothing of the history. The word gave me pause. I recall it as a moment outside time and among a small handful of ‘luminal’ experiences. It hinted at a world greater than that dreamt of in my philosophy. When, lifetimes later, I had the founding epiphany that inspired Join the DOTS, It was immediately apparent that the dot existed in exquisite, and confounding contrast, with AS’s eternity.

Written in Chalk


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