22 May 2021

A 21-meter high ETERNITY MURAL being painted over three days in Sydney this weekend will feature in the new Eternity documentary currently in production.

The mural will be completed outside Papa Gede’s Bar, 348 Kent St, on Monday evening, 24 May by Sydney street artists Days and Mistery – both inspired by the work of Mr Eternity.

The 21 meter high and 6.4 meter wide ETERNITY will add another fascinating chapter to the almost 90-year long historical timeline of the ETERNITY story in Sydney and Australia.

Since Mr Eternity, Arthur Stace, first chalked the word in Darlinghurst in 1932, ETERNITY has become part of our national story, and most recently appeared in skywriting above the Sydney Harbour Bridge in June last year.

The new documentary being produced by the Australian Television and Media Group will look at the role ETERNITY has played in helping to shape our national and cultural identity.

“Before Ric Birch and Ignatius Jones shared ETERNITY with the world 21 years ago at the Sydney Millennium Celebrations and in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Eternity was an iconic symbol among our arts community,” said Richard Attieh, the Executive Producer and Director of the new film.

“Artists such as Martin Sharp and Jack Mundy incorporated Eternity into their iconic artworks, and since 2000 the Australian National Museum in Canberra, Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne Museum and more recently the Darlinghurst Theatre Company are among the cultural storytellers who continue to share in the Eternity narrative.”

“The mural painting by Days and Mistery is a great example of how ETERNITY continues to make a statement today, and how artworks in public spaces help to define our identity and shape our culture.”

“Since Arthur Stace’s ‘tag’ appeared on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2000, ETERNITY has been and is still being used across an eclectic mix of genres, from cafes to accountants, and in education to social and environmental activism. Capturing the ETERNITY story has been a fascinating journey so far.”

The new ETERNITY MURAL was commissioned by the owner of Papa Gede’s Bar, Lara Dignam, and planned in cooperation with City of Sydney Council. Patrons to Papa Gede’s Bar will be able to appreciate the cultural artwork for many years to come.

Days and Mistery have worked together on several projects and will transform the beige wall into a colourful cultural space steeped in history.

In addition to the documentary filming, the painting of the mural will be captured on social media throughout the day on the film’s social feeds – EternityFilmAu.

Days says, “Arthur Stace is the father of street art.  I’m creating the mural to pay homage to him.  It’s a privilege to contribute to Stace’s ongoing legacy.”

The mural will be painted outside Papa Gedes Bar at 348 Kent St, next to Town Hall Station from 4pm onwards on Saturday and Sunday this weekend.

The artwork will be completed on the evening of Monday 24 May.

• More information about the Eternity Documentary – www.writteninchalk.com
• More information about Richard Attieh – www.tvgroup.com.au/RichardAttieh

Digital impression of the completed artwork:

• Dallas Clark ‘Days’ , Matthew Peet ‘Mistery’, and Richard Attieh are available for comment.




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