5 June 2020

For the people who missed ETERNITY above Sydney Harbour this morning, it will happen again later today!
photo Murray Harris, 5 June 2020 –

This time, Eternity will be written at 3pm and will be best viewed from the Eastern Suburbs at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, Duff Reserve, Neilson Park, Bradley’s Head, Robertson’s Point Lighthouse and Fort Dennison.

Reactions from Sydneysiders after the word unexpectedly appeared in the sky this morning ranged from complete surprise to disbelief, bringing back memories of ETERNITY appearing on the Sydney Harbour Bridge as part of the 2000 millennium celebrations, with many people reflecting on more hopeful times.

ETERNITY was first written by Sydney personality, Arthur Stace, almost 90 years ago when our city was facing an uncertain future in the aftermath of the Great Depression and leading into to WW2.

In its heyday, ETERNITY was a good news story.  It caught Sydney and Australia by surprise and captured the imagination of newspaper editors, writers, artists and musicians.

Today, as we find ourselves dealing with COVID-19, ETERNITY continues to evoke positive emotions and is part of our national story – featuring in artworks, buildings, landmarks and businesses across Australia and around the world.

The skywriting is being organised by the Australian Television and Media Group, who are producing a documentary looking at the way ETERNITY is still being used and embraced today.

“I would like to encourage people to take photos and use the #eternity hashtag when posting on social media,” said Richard Attieh, the Executive Producer and Director of the new documentary.

“Eternity is one of those words that means different things to different people, and we want to record as many Eternity Stories as possible.”

The website for the Eternity Film ( has a page dedicated to capturing our Eternity Stories.

Ric Birch was interviewed in February this year, and will be joined by Sydney Lord Mayor Clover More, businessman Remo Giuffre, historian and author Roy Williams, Town Hall Eternity Café owner George Semaan, architect Peter Tonkin and Australian graffiti and street artist Matthew ‘Mistery’ Peet in a long list of personalities who will feature in the film.

Today marks the official launch of production, and this new Eternity documentary is slated to be released on 14 November later this year – which is the anniversary date of ETERNITY being first written on a footpath in Darlinghurst.

Eternity Above Sydney Harbour …again

Date: Friday 5 June 2020
Time: 3.00pm
The best vantage points:
• Mrs Macquarie’s Chair
• Bradley’s Head
• Fort Dennison

Eternity will be written between approximately 3.00-3.10am and will be visible drifting north east towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge for approximately 20 minutes.

• More information about the Eternity Documentary –
• More information about Richard Attieh –
• Richard Attieh is available for comment.



Richard Attieh
Executive Producer and Director
Australian Television & Media Group
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