The 90 Year Anniversary Screening

This is the 90-year anniversary screening of the ETERNITY story.

Pack a picnic rug, some nibbles and dinner ... and come along to this FREE OPEN-AIR SCREENING in the middle of the Sydney CBD.


Written in Chalk: the echo of Arthur Stace.




Town Hall Square

Friday 11 & Saturday 12 November

2 nights only

starts 7.30pm

* limited unreserved seating available on a first come basis.
* BYO food and refreshments.
* toilets available at St Andrew's Cathedral.



Written in Chalk: the echo of Arthur Stace is a new documentary created by the Australian TV and Media Group. It follows the fascinating story of the ways Sydney legend Arthur Stace's ETERNITY is still embraced, used and celebrated today.

These two free public screenings are being held to coincide with, and in celebration of, the 90-year anniversary of the first time Stace chalked ETERNITY.

Arthur Stace first chalked ETERNITY in his famous copperplate font on the 14th November 1932. He chalked it more than half a million times up until a few months before his death in 1967. Since then, Stace's ETERNITY has taken on a life of its own, brought into public fascination time and again by Martin Sharp, Ignatius Jones, Lawrence Johnston, Dion Beebe, Jonathan Mills and many others.

This next chapter of the ETERNITY story features a broad cross-section of well known television and media personalities, internationally recognised theatre and opera producers, multi-award winning writers and authors, independent community artists, street artists, university lecturers, and social, political and environmental activists who each represent the Eternity story in their own unique ways.



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